NJ-88222 – Sevenberry Cotton

100% Cotton
Width: 44″ / 112 cm
Bolt Size: 12 -15 yd / mt
Made in Japan

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NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-1 Rose, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-2 Sage, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-3 Turquoise, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-4 Wine, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-5 Navy, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-11 Gold, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-12 Purple, NJ-88222 D1 Blossoms-13 Black, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-1 Taupe, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-2 Mauve, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-3 Wine, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-4 Navy, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-5 Black, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-11 Rose, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-12 Gold, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-13 Silver, NJ-88222 D2 Starburst-14 Slate Blue, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-1 Gold, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-2 Mauve, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-3 Olive, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-4 Wine, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-5 Navy, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-11Teal, NJ-88222 D3 Waves-12 Black, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-1 Gold, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-2 Wine, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-3 Navy, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-4 Black, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-11 Teal, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-12 Purple, NJ-88222 D5 Hatchwork-13 Brown, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-1 Gold, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-2 Turquoise, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-3 Mauve, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-4 Wine, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-5 Navy, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-11 Rose, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-12 Teal, NJ-88222 D7 Dragonflies-13 Black


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